We are an independent, accurate, comprehensive, reliable and flexible inventory clerk company. We offer a wide range of property services catering for Estate Agents, Landlords and Companies.

We provide all property services for residential and commercial properties. Our Services offered include:

  • Full property inventories
  • Check-ins
  • Check-outs
  • Interim Inspection
  • Meter Readings
  • Maintenance/Cleaning

Our aim at Pro-Inventories is to deliver an efficient professional service. Allowing the smooth tenancy of a property whilst giving the customer a top quality service at a competitive price.

With the recent introduction of the Government Deposit Scheme (GDS), there has never been a more important time for an accurate inventory. Using our service we will deliver not only a written inventory but support this with video evidence making no case for argument of the condition of the property and it’s contents.

It is reported that 92% of all disputes end  either in favour of the tenant or are split decisions. This is very worrying news for all landlords and property companies., so don’t delay in using Pro-Inventories today and protect your property and assets.

Owning investment property ourselves we have first hand experience of the importance and necessity of a thorough inventory.

Having recently held 80% of a deposit for damage to one of our properties and contents the tenant was unable to refute liability having used a thorough video inventory. Not only does this protect you from the costs of such a situation, but also saves time in returning deposits as the video leaves no area to dispute.

We use HD (high definition) quality video recordings of your property and it's contents, leaving no area for dispute at the end of a tenancy to it's original condition.

We pride ourselves on our effeciency. All reports will be supported by digital photographs at no extra cost and will be processed as qucikly as possible, same day production and delivery is available.

Each written report will be supported by a DVD inventory, split into convenient chapters of each room. Every DVD is personally labelled and delivered in a wallet for easy storage.